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Carousel of Progress

Our tour of Tomorrowland continues with a visit to an attraction whose pedigree extends all the way back to the New York World Fair of 1964 - Carousel of Progress.

This is one of those attractions at the Disney theme parks which oozes America and, in particular, Walt Disney's vision for the parks.  This is not a thrill ride.  This is not an experience based around a Disney film.  This is education and optimism and audio-animatronics.

For me, this is an attraction in the group that includes Great Moments with Abraham Lincoln which can be found in the Town Square at Disneyland.  Indeed, Carousel of Progress, after appearing at the World Fair, was a fixture at Disneyland until 1973. 

The attraction then moved to Disney World opening in 1975 and is still there to this day.  Although it has undergone a series of minor changes over the years, it is still, essentially, the same attraction viewed by visitors to the World Fair over 50 years ago!

Let's take a ride on Walt Disney's Carou…