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Pecos Bill Tall Tale Inn and Cafe

Melody Time, as a film, doesn't have a huge presence in the parks although it has more than some more high-profile films.  What it does have, though, is the same contribution provided by its sister-film, Make Mine Music - an eatery.

Pecos Bill Tall Tale Inn and Cafe is a counter service cafe/restaurant situated in Frontierland at Walt Disney World.  Now unlike previous eateries I have written about in this blog, Pecos Bill's is one I have actually eaten in.

When my wife and I visited Walt Disney World back at Christmas 2007, one evening we ate here.  It was at the time of the Spectromagic parade and we were starving.  We tend to motor round theme parks ensuring we get as much done as is possible.  The result of this is we rarely took time to stop and eat.  On Christmas Day, for instance, our Christmas dinner consisted of the legendary turkey leg and a bottle of coke whilst in the queue for Thunder Mountain!

It was quite late before we decided to grab a bite to eat on the day we chose Pecos Bill's and it was chosen simply because it was the nearest restaurant to us and would, seemingly, afford us a view of the parade whilst we ate.

We chose our food, which I think was burgers and found seats.  Although we had to eat standing up, so we could actually see the parade over the heads of people in front of us, it was a great experience.  The food was delicious as I recall.  What I particularly liked was the 'fixings bar'.  Being able to add what I liked to my burger was a real boon as I'm not a fan of the traditional tomato, lettuce, pickle, ketchup affair.  To be able to add things such as onions, bbq sauce and whatever was brilliant.  I can't actually remember what I added, but it was probably something along those lines.  I also seem to remember mushrooms being in the equation.

I don't honestly remember a huge amount of the decor aside from a 'frontierland' vibe so I have resorted to Youtube to refresh my memory (allowing for any changes in the intervening 10 years).

Pecos Bill's is located on the left as you walk through Frontierland on your way to Thunder and Splash Mountains.  It's main entrance is on a corner (much like Make Mine Music's Casey's Corner).  The decor is, like the rest of Frontierland, inspired by the Old West.  Above the terraced entrance is a large sign with the face of Pecos Bill above the name of the eatery.  Inside, a tiled floor leads to the service area.  To the right of here, is the fixings bar and then further on to the right is a large seating area.  The design of the interior has a 'Tex Mex' feel and this is reflected in the choice of food - tacos, burritos, nachos and the like.  There isn't a huge amount of wall decoration in the seating area, unlike somewhere such as Village Haus, but there are some ropes, hats and a large painting of Pecos Bill astride Widowmaker, his horse.  One area has pretend balconies looking over the seating and replica 'torches' light the walls whilst lanterns hang from the ceiling in some areas.

The decor isn't particularly inspiring, to be honest, and the theming is relatively minimal but the food, as I remember it, was rather good and having watched a couple of Youtube reviews, it seems it still is.  Definitely a restaurant I'd revisit when we eventually return to the parks.


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