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Astro Orbiter

The first ride visible in Tomorrowland at Disneyland in California, is Astro Orbiter.  It's also the first ride you come to at Discoveryland at Disneyland Paris (Discoveryland being their version of Tomorrowland).  In the other parks, their versions of this attraction are slightly more central and often raised above the main concourse.

Each version of the attraction has a slightly different name:  Astro Orbiter (Disney World); Astro Orbitor (Disneyland); Orbitron (Hong Kong Disneyland); Orbitron, Machines Volantes (Disneyland Paris); Star Jets (Tokyo Disneyland).  The newly-opened Shanghai Disneyland has a very similar ride called Jet Packs.

Essentially each of these rides is the same mechanism as used by the various flying Dumbo attractions - and also by the Aladdin-themed magic carpet ride found at some parks.  A rotating central globe has arms extending from it which move up and down.  Guests sit in a themed carriage at the end of each of these arms whether that's an elephant…