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Sir Mickey's

It constantly amazes me how even the most obscure of Disney features manages to find a small corner in the Disney parks - especially when more famous, high profile animations are lucky to get a sniff of presence.  Fun and Fancy Free is no different.  Although Bongo the bear is absent, unsurprisingly Mickey's performance in Mickey and the Beanstalk is recognised in two Fantasylands - the one in Florida's Walt Disney World and the one at Disneyland Paris.

In both cases, it is a shop which houses theming based around Mickey and the Beanstalk.  At Walt Disney World, guests will find Sir Mickey's.  This is a shop themed around Mickey and the Beanstalk and also an earlier short, The Brave Little Tailor (another fairy tale which shares similarities with Jack and the Beanstalk).  It is situated behind Cinderella's castle and from the outside has a distinctly medieval castle style.  Inside, to the left of the store, visitors will find a beanstalk growing through the floor and ac…

Fun and Fancy Free