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Pinocchio the Video Game

Having discovered an emulator for my smartphone, I've taken to downloading a bunch of classic Disney computer games.  I decided to give the Sega Genesis game based on Pinocchio a go, and I'm glad I did because it's rather a fun - if not particularly challenging - adventure.

The game follows through the story of the film with each level being based on a segment of the film.  With Pinocchio being a very disjointed film - really just a series of different stories with Pinocchio at the centre - this structure transfers well to a computer game of this type.

Pinocchio walks to school dodging Honest John and Gideon; he performs in Stromboli's puppet show, copying the dance moves of the other marionettes; floats of balloons across Pleasure Island before travelling a precarious wooden rollercoaster; plunges to the bottom of the sea before being swallowed by Monstro and having to navigate rickety wooden scaffolding; before ending up in a raft race with Monstro dodging jagged rock …