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Splash Mountain

My tour of the various Disney theme park attractions has taken us on flying elephants; horse-drawn carriages; followed Snow White through the forest and Pinocchio to Pleasure Island.  We've been on gentle boat rides around fairy tales and taken a trip aboard Casey Jnr.  What we haven't done yet, though, is been on a proper 'thrill ride'.  Disney, unlike other theme parks, isn't overflowing with fast, scary rollercoasters.  That's a type of ride more popular in places such as the Universal theme parks.  Most lands in Disney theme parks, however, do have at least one thrill ride and with my marathon entering the world of Song of the South it's time to visit our first one: Splash Mountain.

I first rode Splash Mountain in 2006 when I visited Disney World with my wife.  At the time, I believed it to be a 'classic' ride which had been part of the parks for many years.  I was surprised, when researching the ride for this blog, that it has only been part of…