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Song of the South

Main Street USA Vehicles

Another Main Street USA attraction common to most of the theme parks is the presence of various vehicles which guests can ride up and down the street.

In Florida's Walt Disney World and Disneyland in California, the vehicles include a horse-drawn street car, an 2-storey omnibus, a jitney (a roofless automobile) and a fire engine.

 At Disneyland Paris, guests can ride in a classic Mercer, a Paddy Wagon, an omnibus, a fire engine or a limousine.

At both Disney World and Disneyland Paris, the pick up points for these trips are the Town Square area and the Central Plaza in front of the princess castles.

I'll confess to never having ridden one of these vehicles on our visits to Paris or Orlando, but my parents and in-laws did ride them on our last visit to Disneyland Paris.  It's something I would consider doing on a future visit, particularly one of the open-topped cars, or riding on the top level of an omnibus and seeing how it changed the view of Main Street.

Main Street USA: Town Square Theater

It's time to return to Main Street USA for a tour of a couple of other fun attractions in this area.

Walt Disney World is home to the Town Square Theater.  This has been home to a variety of different attractions over the years but currently plays host to Meet and Greets with Mickey Mouse and Tinkerbell.

The exterior of the theatre is extremely grand and casts an imposing figure over the right hand side of Town Square.  It's Victorian-style decor is impressive with high columns and banners announcing the presence of Mickey and Tinkerbell.  Prior to this, various Princesses were in attendance for Meets and Greets which is evident from banners and signs visible in some Youtube videos. 

Entering the theatre, visitors find themselves in a rotunda with an intricate mosaic on the floor with a beautifully detailed ceiling above.  The entrance to the 'theatre' area proper is dead ahead with an area entitled 'Box Office Gifts' to the right.  The entrance to the theatre has…