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The Three Caballeros Miscellaneous

Even with Gran Fiesta Tour and numerous parades and shows, this is not the end of the Three Caballeros in the various Disney parks.  They also appear in cameo in a couple of other attractions.  

The Mexico section of It's a Small World at Disneyland features the Three Caballeros joining in the eponymous song.

The Mickey Mouse Revue attraction at Tokyo Disneyland features a Three Caballeros section.  This is an attraction which used to feature in the American theme parks before being retired.  I assume, with the animatronic Caballeros returning to Disney World's Gran Fiesta Tour that they now may not feature in the Tokyo attraction, if it even exists at all.  

Models of the Three Caballeros appear as a water feature at the All Star Music Resort's guitar-shaped swimming pool.  They also have a presence at the Coronado Springs Resort as topiaries as well as Panchito giving his name to a gift shop Panchito's Gifts and Sundries.  Inside the shop you can find Burrito, the flyin…

Meeting, Greeting, Parades and Shows with the Three Caballeros

The Three Caballeros are characters which Disney seems to cherish somewhat.  Although they don't do regular meeting and greeting, they do occasionally appear at the Mexico pavilion at Epcot and often feature in various parades and shows around the Disney parks.

Limited Time Magic is the way Disney describe Meets and Greets with all three Caballeros.  I love the costumes for Panchito and Jose and it's fun to see Donald in his sombrero.  The area used for these meetings is beside the Mexico pavilion and although Jose and Panchito rarely appear, Donald is regularly available for photos and smiles in this area.

The Three Caballeros also make rare appearances at Disneyland California Adventure, particularly around Christmas and the celebration of Viva Navidad.  As well as meeting and greeting they also appear in the Viva Navidad parade.

The three amigos have also been known to appear at Tokyo DisneySea (although not seemingly at the Saludos Amigos Greeting Dock).

Mickey's Soundsati…

El Rio Del Tiempo: Sail the River of Time

El Rio Del Tiempo is the attraction located in the Mexico pavilion at Epcot which was adapted to become Gran Fiesta Tour with the Three Caballeros.

I have only ridden the Caballero version of this ride so have relied on Youtube on-ride videos to get an idea of how this attraction started out.

The loading area and first part of the river are unchanged from the original attraction, with the sole exception that the Three Caballeros portraits are not on the wall of the loading area.  As guest sail into the first tunnel, they are taken back to ancient times in Mexico.  The screens show warriors and ancient tribesmen performing dances, fights and other rituals.  These are live action sequences rather than animation.

Guests then sail into the town celebration, just as in the Caballero version with the 'Small World-style' figures playing music and dancing and the skeleton mariachi band standing on a bridge over the river.  The one significant difference in this scene is the lack of a Don…

Gran Fiesta Tour starring the Three Caballeros

Gran Fiesta Tour starring the Three Caballeros is the updated version of a water ride, El Rio Del Tiempo (The River of Time) situated in the Mexico pavilion since its opening.  It is much the same ride (and I will take a look at that in more detail in another post) but with added colour of the Three Caballeros, Donald, Jose and Panchito.  This guide begins with the version of the ride that I rode with my wife on our visit in 2007.

The entrance to Gran Fiesta Tour is to the left of the Plaza de Los Amigos which leads you to a short weaving queue line and down to the boarding area.  Here, guest board boats before embarking on their river journey.  The wall of the dock is adorned with three portraits of Panchito Pistoles, Donald Duck and Jose Carioca.

This first part of the ride takes guests past the large, rather eerily lit pyramid, surrounded by forest, which could be seen from the Plaza.  This is on the river's left whilst on the right, riders can see diners in the San Angel Inn enj…

Mexico: World Showcase - Epcot

The Three Caballeros is a film which, whilst obscure within the feature film canon, actually has a quite prominent presence at Epcot, to the extent that the film actually has a ride themed around it.  Having commented on how odd it is that an enormously famous film such as Bambi has almost no presence in the parks, let alone a ride based on it, it seems just as odd that an obscure package film such as The Three Caballeros would do.

But with Latin America being the focus of two package films, and Mexico being represented by the character of Panchito Pistoles in the second of the two, a tour of the Mexico area and pavilion of World Showcase at Epcot seems rather appropriate. 

I remember visiting the Mexico pavilion when my wife and I visited Epcot in 2007.  We had spent most of the morning in the other areas of Epcot and then moved on to the World Showcase.  Mexico is the first area you reach if moving in a clockwise direction around the lake and its an impressive sight to begin with.  Th…

The Three Caballeros

Saludos Amigos Greeting Dock

It's fair to say that Saludos Amigos is a relatively unknown Disney film.  Consequently, its presence in the park is slight (although, bizarrely, less slight than Bambi).

In the American and Paris parks, it isn't very evident but it does have one named attraction: Saludos Amigos Greeting Dock in Tokyo DisneySea.  This is basically a 'meet and greet' location with a Latin American theming.

Meet and Greet is also the way Saludos Amigos gets into the American parks in the form of its starring characters: Donald, Goofy and,most signficiantly, Jose Carioca.  However, I'll talk more about Joe Carioca in my article about the next film, The Three Caballeros.