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Saludos Amigos

A Disney Tale: Join the Disney animators on a tour of South America accompanied by Donald Duck and Goofy.

Disney Hero: As this film is a 'package feature' made up of four segments, we have three 'heroes' featuring at different points.  Firstly is Donald Duck who appears in both the first and final segements.  This is Donald as we know and love him - adventurous, resourceful and, of course, short-tempered.  As a role model, Donald is maybe not the epitomy of a Disney hero, but who can fail to love him.

Next up in the film is Pedro, a small aeroplane who is tasked to deliver mail across treacherous mountains.  He is cute and determined.

Finally, there is Goofy.  this short is in the tradition of other Goofy shorts where he is 'learning' a new trade, occupation or skill - in this case becoming a 'gaucho' - a South American cowboy.  Goofy is his usual 'goofy' self, exhibiting his usual clumsiness.

Disney Villain: There is no true villain in this film an…

No Hunting and Wildfire Prevention

My Disney film marathon has inspired me to seek out lesser known works related to each of the films.  We've seen the Seven Dwarfs collecting war bonds and Figaro the cat becoming Minnie Mouse's pet.

And now we find Bambi making cameo appearances in a selection of short cartoons.

First up is No Hunting, a Donald Duck cartoon from 1955.  Donald is bitten by the hunting bug and heads off to the forest with his gun.  The film parodies hunters and the hunting season - drawing parallels with all out war - and briefly, in the middle, we see a young deer and its mother drinking from a stream which becomes polluted by the debris of man.  The mother says 'Man is in the forest.  Let's dig on', and they leave.  Although the deer are not explicitly Bambi and his mother, the use of the 'Man is in the forest' line is an obvious repeat of scenes from Bambi the film.  The young deer does look very much like Bambi although both creatures are much more crudely drawn than in the…

Bambi at the Disney Theme Parks

One of the oddest things about Bambi's legacy is the film's lack of presence in the Disney theme parks.  Everything you read about Bambi cites it as one of Walt Disney's greatest achievements; the unseen Man is one of the greatest Disney villains; Bambi is one of Disney's most iconic figures and yet Bambi, and his forest friends, are practically invisible as far as the theme parks are concerned.

Looking around I've found that Bambi appears in some of the fireworks shows in various montages; World of Color and it's Winter Dream iteration.

In terms of attractions, though, Bambi as an inspiration in conspicuous by its absence.  The one time of year that Bambi seems to appear is during spring time, particularly in Epcot and Disneyland Paris.

Around 2011, for example, Epcot treated guests to the Flower and Garden Festival to Bambi's Butterfly House.  Inside the butterfly-filled walkthrough were colourful topiaries of Thumper, Flower and Bambi (with butterfly alight…