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A Disney Tale: A deer, Bambi, is born in the forest, the heir to the Prince of the Forest.  He meets a rabbit, Thumper, and a skunk called Flower and they live through the seasons of the forest learning about life and love until Bambi becomes the Prince himself, protector of the forest.

Disney Hero: Bambi is a young deer full of innocence and naivety.  As a 'hero' he is terribly ineffectual.  The events of the film simply happen to him.  He is passive for almost the entire story.  Even in the climactic forest fire he is rescued by his father.  One aspect Bambi does share with many, many Disney heroes, though, is losing or not having his mother.  This recurs in so many Disney films to the heroes or heroines.  Already we have had Snow White and Dumbo (although only temporarily), and Pinocchio was from a single parent family.  After Bambi there is: Cinderella; Peter Pan, Wart in The Sword in the Stone; Mowgli; Penny in The Rescuers; Taran in The Black Cauldron; Olivia in The Great…

Kingdom Hearts: Sora's Nightmare

I've recently begun playing Kingdom Hearts on a Playstation 2 emulator.  Back in the day I was a big fan of Final Fantasy when I played the seventh game on my friend's console (which he had loaned to me whilst he was away in America for a summer).  Although I didn't play many of the other games (only having a family PC) I did have Final Fantasy VIII.  I was also aware that there was a game which fused elements of Final Fantasy with Disney characters.  Not owning a playstation (or console of any kind) it wasn't something I looked into in great detail and time marched on.

When I discovered that there are now emulators for these old consoles and there was the opportunity to play games which had once seeme liked pipe dreams I pursued it with enthusiasm.

And so it is, that I decided I would start posting some thoughts about Kingdom Hearts and how it relates to the world of Disney as another addition to my rapidly expanding Disney blog.

The first stage of Kingdom Hearts introdu…