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Great Moments with Mr Lincoln

In Town Square at Disneyland, California, is an attraction not featured in any of the other parks.  Great Moments with Mr Lincoln is closely tied to Walt Disney himself.  He was a great admirer of the 16th US President and wanted this attraction to share with visitors important times from Lincoln's life.  

Entering the attraction and turning to the right, visitors will find a selection of exhibits illustrating the development of Disneyland itself.  This is, as I understand it, a remnant of an attraction which was hosted in the same venue for a while, The Disney Story.  The current attraction is actually called The Disney Story Presenting Great Moments with Mr Lincoln and therefore combines elements of the two attractions that have occupied this spot (the Mr. Lincoln attraction predating The Disney Story, before the 16th President was eventually reinstated).

There are models, paintings and audio/video exhibits detailing Fantasyland, Adventureland, Tomorrowland and more.  Moving aroun…

Main Street USA: Town Square

The very first themed area of all Disney theme parks in Main Street USA.  At the top of Main Street is the Town Square and I thought I'd focus on the attractions available in this area.

The very first attraction is, of course, the Railroad which has a station looking over Town Square.  Guests enter through underpasses running underneath the Railroad station into Town Square.  This is the case in all the Disney theme parks except Disneyland Tokyo.

I'll cover the Railroad in another post as it tours around the parks, passing through many different lands.

It never fails to amaze me how much thought goes into each area of a Disney theme park, even when it is as apparently inconsequential as the Town Square area.  Most guests will pass through this area of each park with barely a passing thought.  Maybe there is a character meet and greet, maybe you'll catch the Trolley Show.  You may board one of the many Main Street USA vehicles.  But a lack of rides means it probably doesn'…

Main Street USA Trolley Show

One of the mainstays of the Disney theme parks are the 'shows'.  At various times during the day, and at various locations, mini-musicals are presented for the guests.  Disneyland Paris, for example, has a stage erected near to Sleeping Beauty's Castle where various themed shows are presented.

As my thoughts are focussed, at the moment, on Main Street USA, I thought I'd take a look at Main Street's very own mini-musical - the Trolley Show.

Ten performers, five men and five women trundle into Main Street aboard a turn of the century, horse-drawn trolley car and proceed to entertain the assembled crowd with song and dance.  They proceed through a medley of songs drawn from a variety of musicals including: 'Put on Your Sunday Clothes' from Hello Dolly (and featured prominently in Wall-E); 'the Trolley Song' from Meet Me In St Louis; and 'That's How You Know' from Enchanted.  Usually featured in all incarnations of this show is the original so…