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Main Street USA - Disneyland Paris: Liberty and Discovery Arcades

Interspersed between my film-focussed reviews I also plan to include attractions and other miscellaneous items from across the parks and the wider world of Disney which are not necessarily associated with Disney films.

For the first of these occasional items I have chosen to look at one of the first attractions visitors to Disneyland Park in Paris can experience: the Liberty and Discovery Arcades.

Both of these are found in the Main Street USA area of the park and run parallel to the left and right of the 'main street' itself.  They are a result of plans to make Main Street more suitable for the less clement climate of Paris compared to Florida and California.  Dispensing with an idea for a covered Main Street these two walkways were created which run behind the Main Street shops on both sides.  Liberty Arcarde also provides the start of a 'cut-through' to Frontierland which proves very useful for avoiding crowds.

Liberty Arcade is themed around the Statue of Liberty.  En…

Dumbo's Circus

I had intended to watch and review the TV spin off from Dumbo - Dumbo's Circus.  However, I managed to get through half an episode before the bizarre performances, terrible CSO, odd model sets and annoying characters forced me to give up.

This is not a series which ever made it to the UK and frankly, I can see why.  It is abysmal!