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Kinect Fantasia: Music Evolved

Fantasia doesn't contribute any elements to the Disneyland Adventures game but has featured in its very own game: Fantasia - Music Evolved.

I downloaded the demo after getting a Kinect and to be honest, won't be buying the full game.  

The connection with Fantasia is fairly superficial.  The menu screen echoes the silhouette dark blue background seen between each animated sequence with the player taking the place of the conductor.  

Yensid, the sorcerer, also appears within the game.  However, the music the player 'conducts' in various levels covers a huge range from classical to modern pop and none of the sequences from the original film are reflected in any of the levels.

The interface itself wasn't very easy to use either.

Not one to buy.

Kinect Disneyland Adventures

We've recently got hold of a Kinect for our Xbox and along with it a copy of the Disneyland Adventures game.

The game allows players to explore a highly-detailed virtual version of Disneyland California.  You can meet a huge array of characters, who send you on a variety of quests to find objects around the park.  You get magic items which release coins and secrets around the park and on top of this there are loads of games based on various rides such as Space Mountain and Pirates of the Caribbean which involve swooping, throwing, dancing and hiding!

To begin with I'm going to look at the Snow White and Pinocchio elements.
Snow White stands by the Snow White Grotto and Wishing Well (so I've finally visited it, if only virtually).  I've yet to actually accept her quest so I don't know what she sends the player off to do.

 Pinocchio stands near the Flying Dumbo ride and sends the player on a quest for Toffee Apples.  When you have retrieved 5 apples from around Fantasyl…