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The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr Toad

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So Dear to My Heart

Disney Emoji Blitz

Whilst my Disney movie marathon has sort of stalled a little bit at the moment (I'm trying to find an opportune moment to watch Mr Ichabod and Mr Toad), Disney is never far from my life.  My son and daughter are usually watching some sort of Disney film (recently we've had Lady and the Tramp, Wreck it Ralph and Finding Dory) and my wife and I recently saw Tomorrowland (which is excellent).

One way Disney stays present in my every day life is through the, far too addictive for its (or my) own good: Disney Emoji Blitz.

Much as with Disneyland Adventures Kinect game, I plan to coming back to this mobile phone/tablet game at regular intervals whenever it's content crosses over with my movie marathon, but first off an explanation of the game.

Disney Emoji Blitz involves matching characters on a grid, in much the same way as many a Candy Crush imitation.  The draw of this is, obviously, the Disney link and many, many Disney characters are represented by cute emojis - with more bein…

Autopia Computer Games

With Autopia/Tomorrowland Speedway being a car-based attraction, it's perhaps not surprising that it features in a number of Disney computer games.

One of these is Adventures in the Magic Kingdom.  This was a Nintendo NES game which featured the player retrieving various keys from various attractions at Disneyland.  Autopia is a race game you can play to gain a silver key.  Mickey informs you that Panhandle Pete has stolen the key and challenged you to a race to gain it back.  You take control of a red Autopia car and 'speed' along the track avoiding various obstacles such as cones, collecting stars and jumping off ramps.  There are some 'hidden' Mickeys along the way in the shape of bushes.  For a relatively basic digital recreation of the ride, it isn't bad with a grey track and grassy, flowery banks on either side.

Game play is okay (and you can have a go yourself by following this link) and there are some tricky sections of navigate giving it a bit of challen…


Let's continue touring the attractions of Tomorrowland and visit one which I have to admit to never having ridden - Autopia or the Tomorrowland Speedway.

This, like Space Mountain, is a staple attraction of the various Disney parks: Autopia appears at Disneyland, Disneyland Paris and Hong Kong Disneyland.  Disney World has an iteration called Tomorrowland Speedway and Tokyo Disneyland has Grand Circuit Raceway.

Autopia as a ride has been through many changes and versions.  At one point in the early days of Disneyland, there were different versions in different areas - a Tomorrowland Autopia, a Fantasyland Autopia and even a Midget Autopia for children to small to ride the main attraction.  Over time these others have disappeared and the Tomorrowland and Fantasyland tracks were merged to become the attraction we currently have.  For a long while the Disneyland Autopia was sponsored by Chevron with theming to match but, in the last year, has been renewed by sponsorship from Honda, com…

Carousel of Progress

Our tour of Tomorrowland continues with a visit to an attraction whose pedigree extends all the way back to the New York World Fair of 1964 - Carousel of Progress.

This is one of those attractions at the Disney theme parks which oozes America and, in particular, Walt Disney's vision for the parks.  This is not a thrill ride.  This is not an experience based around a Disney film.  This is education and optimism and audio-animatronics.

For me, this is an attraction in the group that includes Great Moments with Abraham Lincoln which can be found in the Town Square at Disneyland.  Indeed, Carousel of Progress, after appearing at the World Fair, was a fixture at Disneyland until 1973. 

The attraction then moved to Disney World opening in 1975 and is still there to this day.  Although it has undergone a series of minor changes over the years, it is still, essentially, the same attraction viewed by visitors to the World Fair over 50 years ago!

Let's take a ride on Walt Disney's Carou…